• CW Open Manager Region #1

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    I'm Alfonso IT9MUO

    CW Open Manager Region #1 

    Here Below is a short info about CW open which will take place

    September 1, 2018

    I would like to inform that september 1, 2018 will take place CW Open, a contest that developes in three sessions. The CW Ops is a club composed by CW enthusiast that will meet every wednsday at 13z, 19z and at 03z of thursday,  session lasting one hour each. The CW Open is a contest very partecipated by American stations. In the last editions there has been a great partecipation by Europeans, it developes in three session that last 4 hours each.

    The rules and other details at http://cwops.org/cwopen.html

    we hope that there will be a great participation

    The website is: www.cwops.org


    many thanks for advertising that will you do.

    Best 73, Alf.  IT9MUO CWOps #1569

    CW Open Manager Region #1

    it9muoatgmail [dot] com () 





    http://cwops.org/images/logo-transparent-2000.pngYou are invited to CW Open…


    When? 1 September 2018

         Session 1: 0000-0400 Z

         Session 2: 1200-1600Z

         Session 3: 2000-2400Z

    Each session is separately logged, checked

    and awarded.   3 separate contests!

    Who? Open to all amateur radio operators, worldwide

    Modes? CW only

    Operator categories? Single operator

    Power categories? HP (more than 100 watts); LP (more than 5 watts up to 100 watts); QRP (5 watts of less)

    Use of spotting? No limitations on spotting but no self spotting.

    Exchange? QSO number + given name (e.g.  12 John).

    Scoring? 1 point per QSO per band (each session); 1 multiplier for callsign the first time it is worked (each session). Scores start at 0 for each session. Work someone once per band per session.

    Reporting? Separate logs for each session. Logs must be in Cabrillo format and may be submitted via http://www.b4h.net/cwops/   Paper logs are NOT accepted!

    Logging? CW Open is supported by many logging programs. See www.cwops.org/cwopen.html

    Teams? Team competition is supported (see www.cwops.org/cwopen.html for signup). No geography limitations.


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  • Nu er det ved at være tid for tilmelding til dette års IARU Contest som afvikles 14-15 juli.
    Vil du være med som operatør må du gerne meddele dette til mailatoz1bii [dot] dk

    Opdaterede informationer på http://oz1hq.dk

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    This weekend, WWSA CW Contest !!! Don´t miss it !!!

    The GACW (Argentinian Group of Radiotelegraphy - Grupo Argentino de CW) has the pleasure to invite you to a new edition of WWSA Contest (World Wide South America Contest).

    This is a CW only contest, held every second weekend of June, during 24 hours.
    We count with your participation, it is very important for us.

    June 9th, 15UTC to June 10th, 15UTC.

    For more information about contest rules visit: http://contest.com.ar/gacw-wwsa
    For more information about GACW please feel free to visit: http://www.gacw.org

    Thanks for your time, feel free to broadcast this information to all people potentially interested in contests.
    Please note this year logs will only be received using this email: gacw [dot] wwsaatgmail [dot] com
    Log deadline: June, 30th.
    Best regards.
    Andres LU3HO
    on behalf of GACW.

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  • YOTA aktivitet

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    Youth Contesting Program (YCP)


    UPDATED: New contests added for 2018!

    In 2018 the Youth Contesting Program (YCP) of IARU R1 will be continued. Youth members from IARU R1 member societies are invited to take part in a contest from so called “Top-Gun” stations. These young HAM’s will learn how to operate the contest station, improve their contest skills and will aim for the best results together as a team.

    A youngster will probably be coming for the first time to the host country and will get the chance to experience this country and share amateur radio knowledge with local youngsters.


    Contest locations:

    ·  ES5TV: ARI International DX contest (5-6 May 2018)

    ·  9A1A: CQ M International DX contest (12-13 May 2018)

    ·  EC2DX: His Maj. King of Spain contest (23-24 June 2018) Application deadline 1 April

    ·  4O3A: CQWW RTTY contest (29-30 September 2018) Application deadline 1 June


    Do you want to take part in of the contests from these stations?    Apply here.

    Read stories and watch pictures of previous events to get a feeling of what to expect.



    ·  Young people aged under 26 years.

    ·  1 or 2 participants per member society

    ·  All levels of contest experience are accepted. A participant should have at least basic knowledge about contesting and using a transceiver.

    ·  Member societies are asked to select young people who are willing to experience a contest in a “big-gun”station, eager to learn more about amateur radio and who are aiming to get the best results out of the contest. A group of ±6 international youngsters and ±6 domestic youngsters will take part per contest.

    ·  Participants are asked to fund their own travel costs. All other costs will be covered.


    When taking part in a 24 hours contest the participant will arrive on Friday and leave on Monday.

    This is an example time schedule from 9A1A:

    ·   Friday: Coming to host city (in our case Zagreb ). Social event in late afternoon and evening hours. Sleeping  in one of Zagreb hostels.

    ·   Saturday – Sunday: Travel to contest location (in 9A1A case ca 40 km). Introduction of contest location capacities and possibilities.

    ·   Team will take part in the contest.

    ·   Team will sleep on Sunday/Monday night on contest location.

    ·   Monday: Travel to home.



    Goto Homepage



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  • Dutch Kingdom Contest



    Stichting Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society

    Corr. adres : Kaya Hobo 1, Kralendijk, Bonaire, Caribisch Nederland





    +31(0)30 655 14 36

    IBAN / BIC

    NL05RABO 0190569948 / RABONL2U


    secretarisatdkars [dot] nl (secretaris@dkars.nl)


    t.n.v. Stichting DKARS, Bolsward






    Date                      : May 8, 2018

    Subject                : Invitation to the first Dutch Kingdom Contest in June 2018




    Dear OM’s/YLs,


    On behalf of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society (DKARS) we would like to invite you and your fellow radio amateurs to participate in the third Dutch Kingdom Contest which is scheduled to take place, on the first weekend of June which is:

    2 and 3 of June 2018.



    The purpose of this contest is to show the consistency of the countries within the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the rest of the world, also give Dutch amateurs residing abroad a role in it, and last but not least, we also want to show young people how versatile and interesting our radio hobby can be.


    The date and time of this contest are 100% simultaneous to the IARU CW Fieldday, but we are not meaning to interfere with it as the contest exchange is the same (599+serial). We hope to generate more activity on the band so both contests can benefit!


    After the contest the logs can be submitted to our website robot at:


    The rules for the Dutch Kingdom Contest can also be found at our website link above.


    For any further questions or comments, you can contact the DKARS Secretary via: secretaryatdkars [dot] nl (secretary@dkars.nl)

    We hope to hear you in the contest!







    Peter de Graaf/PJ4NX

    Secretary of the DKARS and contest manager











    Beperking aansprakelijkheid : Wij geven advies zonder resultaat verplichtingen en kunnen niet aansprakelijk gesteld worden indien resultaten uitblijven. Ook zijn uitgesloten alle indirecte of immateriële schade zoals, maar niet beperkt tot, verlies of beschadigingen en supplementaire kosten. Ook is de DKARS en/of zijn haar bestuursleden niet aansprakelijk te stellen voor enige schade, of letsel berokkend door welke oorzaak dan ook ontstaan. Limitation of Liability : We give advice without any obligation of success and cannot be held liable for any lack of results. Also excluded are all indirect or intangible damages such as, but not limited to, loss or damage and additional costs. Also, the DKARS and / or its board members are not liable for any damage or injury caused by any means whatsoever.



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  • OZ HF Contest rekorder

    Opdateret 15. april 2018

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  • Onsdags CW Mini-Test

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    Onsdagens mini-contest regler:

    Information modtaget fra Karsten OZ4FF.

    Hver onsdag
    17:00 til 17:59 UTC på 40m  - 6 perioder af 10 minutter
    18.00 til 18.59 UTC på 80m  - 6 perioder af 10 minutter

    Kun een QSO med hver station i hver periode.

    Mode: CW. 
    Bånd:  7015-7035 KHz  &  3511-3570 KHz.
    Exchange: RST plus serie nummer som starter fra 001 (ny serie på hvert bånd).
    QSO Points:  Hver QSO 1 point. 
    Multipliers:  Hvert kaldesignal tæller een gang på hvert bånd.

    A - over 100 watts output 
    B - under 100 watts output 
    C - under 5 watts output

    Score beregning:
    Total score for hvert bånd = total QSO points x total mult points.

    Klokken 19:00 UTC på:
    3720 KHz SSB  eller  3541 KHz CW udsender du dit score som "Antal QSO, Antal multiplier, Klasse".
    F.eks. "de OZ1XXX contest 125 36 A"
    Når der ikke kommer flere resultater er frekvenserne fri til chat.

    Hjemmesiden finder du på: http://mcwe.pe.hu
    Additional info from participants may be forward to E-mail: minitestatnarod [dot] ru 

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  • Real Time Score Cluster

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    Real Score Cluster full functional test

    The next great step in the The Real Score Cluster implementation just happened. We did the first full functional cluster test during the last ARRL DX CW contest. All the 100% score postings from over 300 contesters were shared between two scoreboard servers cqcontest.net and COSB for the first time!  We didn’t notice any significant gaps during that testing.

    Thanks for all  the Real Score Cluster guys who did a lot to make this event a big success:

    • Dmitry, R4WW the CQcontest.net owner
    • Bruce, WA7BNM the distributor server creator

    How that works:

    => All the incoming traffic to the Distribution server (or Score distributor) is forwarding to COSB and CQcontest

    => All the incoming traffic to the COSB is forwarding to the Distribution server and after- to the CQcontest .

    => All the incoming traffic to the CQcontest is forwarding to the Distribution server and after – to the COSB 

    We still have a lot of things to be done to finish the Real Score Cluster infrastructure basement.  Unfortunately during this period might be not all postings to be shared or they could be shared partially.

    You could be a part of the project! The best you can do to help us would be configuring your logger to send your scores to the Distribution server ( http://www.b41h.net/scoredistrib... ).

    Please read https://contestonlinescore.com/blog/documents/ how to set up your logger to be ready for the Real Score cluster the most efficient way.

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  • Lyt til din egen QSO

    CQ WW 160m QSO med 3V8CB
    Lyt til din egen QSO 

    5Q6EE - http://www.kf5eyy.info/audiolog/...
    OZ7AM - http://www.kf5eyy.info/audiolog/...
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