Primære faneblade

Dear fellow HAM, welcome to OZ-land.
Some practical travel information for you- HAM wise:
OZ-land is a participant in the CEPT T/R 61-01 on CEPT Amateur Radio Amateur Licence and ECC Recommendation (05)06 on CEPT Novice Radio Amateur Licence agreements, as a foreign radio amateur holding a CEPT license (acc. T / R 61-01) or a CEPT Novice license (acc. ECC Rec. (05) 06) you will be able to operate on a short term basis (up to three months) in OZ- land without any further permission due to the rules of the agreements.
Holders of a foreign CEPT license (also former CEPT classes 1 and 2 and CEPT Novice) may operate on the same terms as Danish license holders.
Please be aware of the conditions regarding your citizenship an national regulations.
For detailed information about CEPT/ HAREC:
For latest update and implementation status please consult the CEPT web site.
If you dont´t possess any HAREC/CEPT licence, you will be able to work the equipment of e.g a local branch of EDR (Experimenting Danish Radioamateurs) using the club call, without any problems according to Danish law- only restriction is the demand of supervision from a local fellow HAM, holding a licence equivalent to the demands for operating the bands and power you wish to operate.
While operating in OZ- land, the prefix OZ/ should be used prior to your own callsign (OZ/ XXcipherYY)
Are you planning a meet up with some Danish HAMs in real life, for a cup of coffee, a chat and/or for the purpose of operating, you can check out the locations of the local branches of EDR by clicking the tab EDR> Lokalafdelinger (local branches)> Kort (map) or Min lokalafdeling (My local branch)
You will be more than welcome to pay us a visit in local surroundings.
You will find further information on this page (Info> Diverse) regarding repeaters (>repeateroversigt), bandplans (>båndplaner) and other useful stuff (written in Danish) Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you hear us on the frequencies- most of OZ people speaks a very reasonable English.
For further information about EDR, please contact the main office of EDR: Klokkestøbervej 11, 5230 Odense M, Phone +45 66 15 65 11, fax +45 66 15 65 98, e-mail: kontoratedr [dot] dk
Have a pleasant stay- we hope you will enjoy OZ-land in all matters, including the privelliges of the OZ HAMs.
73 and best regards,
The administrators.