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4 3. I P A - R A D I O - C L U B - C O N T E S T

The International Police Association Radio Club (IPARC) invites all radio amateurs of the world to take part in the IPARC-Contest which takes place every year on the first weekend in November.

1. Modes and times:
CW 03. Nov. 2018 0600-1000 UTC and 1400 - 1800 UTC
SSB 04. Nov. 2018 0600-1000 UTC and 1400 - 1800 UTC

2. Bands:
80 m 3510-3560khz > 3700-3800khz
40 m 7000-7025khz > 7060-7100khz, 7130-7200kHz
20 m 14000-14060khz > 14125-14300khz
15 m 21000-21070khz > 21155-21300khz
10 m 28000-28070khz > 28320-28600khz
There are no contest qso allowed outside of the above-mentioned frequency ranges referring to IARU Region 1 HF bandplan!

3. Sections:
- A - Multi/Multi, Multi/Single, every club station and special event station
- B - Single Op / Single TRX (personal call sign only, no assistance)
- C - SWL
Remarks: No differentiation between members of IPARC and non-members. The section must be seen from the log.
Winners (first three stations of each class) will be honoured with a diploma.

4. Calling: CQ IPA Contest

5. Exchange:
RS(T) + current number, each mode beginning with 001.
Members of IPARC in addition "IPA", IPARC-members of the USA also their state. Exchanging a rapport is allowed once on every band and in every mode.
Generally, it is allowed to operate only with one call sign. Exchanging two rapports with club stations and in addition their operators is allowed for award hunting, but does count only once for the contest.

6. Points:
- QSO-points: each QSO 1 point, each IPARC-station 5 points.
- Multiplier: each DXCC with IPARC-station / US-State with IPARC-station 1 point on each band.
- Score: each band: summary of QSO-points multiplied by summary of multi-points
- final result: summary of all bands

7. Closing date: 31. December 2018
By sending the log, the operator give her/his consent to publish her/his callsign and result in a score list which is available on the IPARC-homepage ( www.iparc.de ) or via the contestmanager.

8. Contestmanager:
Uwe Greggersen, DJ6QQ, Hurststr. 9, 51645 Gummersbach, Germany
E-mail: dj6qqatdarc [dot] de

9. Remarks:
This contest is a good chance to work the Sherlock-Holmes-Awards and Sherlock-Holmes-Trophies. It is not longer required to work the awards step by step! More infos are available on the homepage or by the award-manager:
Roland Starke, DL9GMN, Lindhorstweg 17, 18516 Suederholz, Germany
E-mail: dl9gmnatdarc [dot] de

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