• Hi folks,
    you find a video showing  the first antenna training in 2016 on our facebook page
    https://www.facebook.com/wrtc2018   (<-- without login)
    and on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmizrmCbCu4&t=6s
    the music is by Normam DL3ZAA
    73 de Michael, DL6MHW
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  • Contestresultater for juni 2017

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  • 2016 Oceania DX contest result

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    Så er resultaterne fra Oceania DX contesten kommet og man kan tydeligt se at der er langt til det fjerne kontinent.

    2016 Oceania DX Contest
    Category Call Cty-Cnt-Wld Score Mult QSO 160m 80m 40m 20m 15m 10M
    CW SO ALL LP OZ7BQ* 1-27-61 217 7 11 0 0 5 6 0 0
    CW SO ALL HP OU4N* 1-51-91 1098 18 27 0 0 7 14 6 0
    CW SO ALL HP OZ8SW 2-69-115 310 10 15 0 0 4 11 0 0
    CW SO 20M LP OZ4CG* 1-19-21 24 4 6 0 0 0 6 0 0
    CW SO 20M LP OZ5DX 2-31-35 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0
    CW SO 20M HP OZ8AE* 1-8-11 45 5 9 0 0 0 9 0 0
    PH SO ALL HP OZ5E*   [OZ1XJ] 1-11-34 4046 34 49 0 0 16 27 6 0
    PH SO 20M HP OZ1D* 1-10-12 25 5 5 0 0 0 5 0 0
    Cty = Country
    Cnt = Continent
    Wld = World
         * =Diplom

    The Oceania DX (OCDX) contest committee is pleased to announce that the results of the 2016 OCDX contest have been published on the OCDX website (www.OceaniaDXcontest.com).  Congratulations to all the participants, especially the winners who triumphed over the poor radio conditions.
    Low solar activity in the PHONE section, and high QRN in the South Pacific for the CW section, made the OCDX contest one of the more challenging events.  Nevertheless, we are delighted to report an increase in the number of entrants: 1,192 logs were received, a pleasing advance on 2015’s total of 1,169.
    Participation from Oceania and Asia increased, especially Indonesia, the Philippines, East Malaysia and Hawaii. Activity from 9M6, A35, DU, KH0, KH2, V85, and VK9 was very welcome.  Encouragement for newcomers to contesting in Indonesia included a contest-within-a-contest to earn tee shirts sponsored by enthusiastic YB Elmers.
    Remarkably, despite the challenges, some 26 new continent records and 144 new country records were set in 2016.
    “It is hard to work with VK or ZL with low power and wire vertical on the balcony” said DD5KG. “Fortunately, there were a few stations with big antennas able to read even my weak signals!”.  Many entrants commented on the poor conditions. “Someone built a Faraday Cage around Australia” said VK3NCC, “and the S8 QRN was unbelievable”.   JK7DWD told us “Many thanks to all who were patient with me pulling calls. Every QSO is appreciated.”  The final comment from ZL2AGY sums it up.  “Roll on next year!”
    Browse the results page for more information about the 2016 event including the results summary and detailed scores, all the soapbox comments plus photos of the leading entrants and their stations.
    Certificates have been awarded to the top scoring station in each category for each continent and country. Additionally, a participation certificate identifying the number of successful QSOs has been awarded to each station that participated in the contest. The certificates are available for individual entrants to download and print at their convenience via the links on the results page .
    OCEANIA Ron Wills ZL2TT Memorial Trophy - YB1AR
    OCEANIA PHONE SO 40M Plaque - YD1SDL/2
    VK6NE Memorial Plaque - VK6NE
    OCEANIA PHONE Newcomer Plaque - DU7JAY
    OCEANIA CW SO 40M Plaque - ZL1AM
    OCEANIA CW M2 Plaque - No eligible entrants
    OCEANIA CW Newcomer Plaque - ZL4YL
    AUSTRALIA Frank Hine VK2QL Memorial Trophy - VK2BJ
    AUSTRALIA Club Plaque - Geelong Amateur Radio Club
    VK5 CW SO ALL LP Plaque - VK5LJ
    NEW ZEALAND Club Competition Plaque - No eligible entrants
    INDONESIA General Licence PHONE SO 40M Plaque - YD1SDL/2
    NON-OCEANIA PHONE SWL Plaque - Patrick Marteville F-59706
    ASIA PHONE M2 Plaque - HS0ZIA
    ASIA CW SO ALL Plaque - RM0F
    ASIA CW M2 Plaque - HS0ZIA
    Mirek Rozbicki VK6DXI Memorial Plaque - R4RE
    A log checking report is produced for each entry in the contest. This report includes information about QSOs that were busted and removed from the score calculation. You can request a copy of your log checking report by sending an email to the contest committee at infoatoceaniadxcontest [dot] com .
    The next OCDX contest will be held on the first two full weekends of October 2017 as follows:
    PHONE:  08:00 UTC Saturday 7 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 8 October
    CW:         08:00 UTC Saturday 14 October to 08:00 UTC Sunday 15 October
    The rules for the 2017 contest can be found on our rules page at http://www.oceaniadxcontest.com/Rules/rules.html .
    We look forward to seeing you again in the 2017 event, and please encourage others to join us to make it the best OCDX party ever!
    73 from
    Oceania DX Contest Committee

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  • Date : May 4, 2017
    Subject : Invitation to the first Dutch Kingdom Contest in June 2017     

    Dear OM’s/YL’s,
    On behalf of the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society (DKARS) we would like to invite you and your fellow radio amateurs to participate in the third Dutch Kingdom Contest which is scheduled to take place, on the first weekend of June which is:
    3 and 4 of June 2017
    The purpose of this contest is to show the consistency of the countries within the Kingdom of The Netherlands to the rest of the world, also give Dutch amateurs residing abroad a role in it, and last but not least, we also want to show young people how versatile and interesting our radio hobby can be.
    The date and time of this contest are 100% simultaneous to the IARU CW Fieldday, but we are not meaning to interfere with it as the contest exchange is the same (599+serial). We hope to generate more activity on the band so both contests can benefit!
    After the contest the logs can be submitted to our website robot at: http://www.dkars.nl/index.php?pa...
    The rules for the Dutch Kingdom Contest can also be found at our website link above.
    For any further questions or comments, you can contact the DKARS Secretary via: secretaryatdkars [dot] nl
    We hope to hear you in the contest!

    Peter de Graaf/PJ4NX
    Secretary of the DKARS and contest manager

    Rules at:  http://www.dkars.nl/index.php?pa...

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  • PDF Certificates Download

    Dear participants, now you can download your PDF Certificate from CQMM DX Contest 2016. First release is 2016, then all the years before until 2010 are coming soon.


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  • 2BSIQ - Radiosport under udvikling

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    Two Band Syncronized Interleaved QSOs
    2BSIQ er videreudvikling og optimering af SO2R konceptet hvor operatørerne kommer helt ud til grænsen for det mulige og virkelig presser sig selv til fantastiske resultater.
    Ved den nyligt afholdte  Contest University Italy (9-11 marts 2017) var det sidste indlæg med Jose CT1BOH som gennemgik virkemåden, fordele og ulemper samt forventede resultater ved at benytte 2BSIQ metoden.
    Flere af de stationer som ligger i toppen af resultatlisterne anvender systemet. Bl.a. ZF2MJ (N6MJ), TA7O (UT5UGR) m.fl. - i programmet DXlog.net er det faktisk indbygget.
    I forbindelse med foredraget har Jose delt materialet på Facebook og også lagt det til download på dropboks. Læs mere om det på http://www.qsl.net/c/ct1boh//2bsiq/  og hent dokumentet på  https://www.dropbox.com/s/9p5ebu...

    Her er der video hvor du kan se teknikken anvendt:

    Og der har lige været et Webinar med CT1BOH som foredragsholder.
    Det kan du se/gense efter den 4.april på  https://wwrof.org/category/webinar-archive/

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  • March VHF/UHF/SHF 2017 contest

    All participants of March VHF/UHF/SHF 2017 contest are kindly invited to use VHF, UHF, SHF live contest scoring board https://slovhf.net/en/claimed/ As already experienced in the past contests, information published on the board, could give additional push to contest participants.
    Here http://slovhf.net/en/kako-lahko-vpisem-podatke/ you will find guidance / setup for couple contest software. Thanks to Ladislav, OK1DIX users of VUSC4WIN contest software can use VHF, UHF, SHF live contest scoring board. If you are using something else than during the contest you can publish your score manually.
    Until contest start you can test the board functionality, before the contest the test data on the board will be wiped.
    Good luck and good propagation during the contest
                                    Miha, S51FB
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  • Wittenberg/Jessen 27th February 2017


    WRTC 2018 is coming - 500 days to go

    Often the WRTC is rightly referred to as the Olympic Games of Radio Sport. “Olympiad” originally meant the the period between the actual Olympic Games. There are now just 500 days in our “Olympiad” until the opening ceremony. A lot has already happened - but there is still a lot left to be done and time flies.

    Current facts and figures

    • 60% of needed funds have been raised
    • 11 ham fairs have been visited
    • 94 presentations given in clubs and at meetings
    • > 40 articles published in magazines and newspapers
    • 80 conference calls have taken place
    • > 1,000 WWQR Awards issued
    • 58,000 QSOs with D*0WRTC have taken place
    • Several major sponsoring contracts are in place
    • 23 international ambassadors have been assigned
    • 14 national ambassadors have been assigned
    • 40 Tents have been Sponsored
    • 3 Teams have been Sponsored
    • The qualification process is finished
    • The competition rules are drafted
    • 160 possible sites have been evaluated
    • Antennas, masts and rotators have been selected and tested
    • The first large test session has been completed
    Several of the component projects are approaching a stable state however some projects are requiring more work than expected. We are on schedule and are proud to be the host. A great number of volunteers support the organisation of the WRTC and dedicate many hours of their time for this very special event.

    Voices and feelings from the team

    DL1RTL - Heiko (Volunteer): As a volunteer during the test day 2016 I have already helped in a team to set up a site For me WRTC 2018 offers the unique chance of being part of a genuine international championship.
    DL9ZWG - Wolfhard (Treasurer): To me the WRTC 2018 means I have the opportunity to be a small part of a large group of “maniacs” who organise this extraordinary Amateur Radio Sport event in Germany. I particularly appreciate the fact that in the WRTC all teams have to compete under almost identical conditions (including similar site conditions).
    DK9VZ - Wolfgang (Fundraising): I am very glad that we got the chance to present the international event WRTC here in Germany. I really don’t have a lot of free time but I´d like to contribute as much as I can to the success of WRTC 2018.
    DL3DXX -Dietmar (Log checking): I introduced computer aided log checking in the 90`s for the WAEDC together with DL2DN. Invented STF log description as internal log format long before Cabrillo came up but never made it public. WRTC 2018 means for me to organize log checking of WRTC participants with the special characteristic that checking must be done during 24 hours time frame. This is a new approach for me and requires not only to get the checking software running but furthermore to install a team of helpers to define the checking procedures and to split the work among all team members with the approach to check as much as possible during the given time to make checking procedures fair for all teams.
    DJ3WE (Fundraising): It is most fascinating for me that - for the first time in my life - I can and may make use of all my skills, be it amateur radio or the command of the English language as well as playing and negotiating on an international stage. There is one particular matter that occasionally makes me sweat, the high expectations worldwide regarding our organisational skills given that we are up to now a very small group, too small..
    DL1MGB (President): For me as a part-time organizer of DXpeditions WRTC 2018 is like 65 DXpeditions; a major difference is that we don't have to travel anywhere in 2018, rather the world comes to us! - for me WRTC 2018 is a perfect, unrestricted, way to bring together a lot of different ham radio groups into one large project.
    DJ2YA (): For WRTC2018 I will be doing my best to provide the same “level playing field” for each location as well as helping with translations into English. As a WRTC-veteran (San Francisco, Bled and Florianapolis) I consider WRTC 2018 in Germany as the pinnacle event.
    DL4ST - Steffen (Volunteer): As a member of the DARC district board for Saxony-Anhalt I am proud that a portion of our members are commited to taking an active role in the organisation and preparation of the WRTC.
    DM6DX - Robby (Ambassador-Berlin / Camping): As regional ambassador I have recruited a complete team of volunteers… … the accommodation requirements are on track and before the test days in June we will have choosen the final tent model. ...the chairs can be evaluated soon. Just purchasing 130 suitable desk lamps has proved to be quite a challenge.
    DK4QT - Dieter (AC-Member): I would like use my capabilities to support the WRTC team and help to ensure a successful WRTC 2018. During 2017 I will advertise the event to possible WRTC helpers in DARC District N.
    DJ9MH - Hajo (WRTC Award): Since the WRTC in California I have followed this championship attentively and worked its competitors. In Bled my xyl and I had the chance to have a closer look at the event. I attended the initial meeting of “WRTC 2018 e.V” which resulted in my allocation as an WRTC award manager and administrator of the special WRTC call signs
    DJ6DC (Consultant): I am the designer of the basic concept ”outdoor Facilities” I manage all interface definitions and operational plans and where possible also financial contributions... for me the WRTC 2018 is the pinnacle and a trend-setting event.
    DF8XC (Volunteer): WRTC 2018 gives me the chance to get to know the leading contesters.
    DL2MLU (PR): To contribute to something great, to be there and live the experience.
    DL8OBF - Uwe (AC-Member): I am a member of the Advisory Committee for the WRTC 2018. I am also responsible for the competition-rules and response to any related questions raised. I am pleased to see the WRTC in Germany and to have the opportunity to display our hospitality to the visitors..
    DL2RSF - Wolfgang (Volunteer): After applying to become a volunteer I joined a teamonthe test day at Jessen. For me erecting antennas is particularly exciting and interesting. Good health provided I’ll certainly take part in the test daysin2017 and in any case in the actual event in 2018. Once more I’ll be looking forward to making friends with other volunteers and participants
    DL9GFB - Franz (Consultant): I will be available as needed, to help with any "jobs" during WRTC 2018 WRTC 2018 = Most important event for Ham Radio in Germany!
    DL2MLU Luise (Fundraising - Kacheln): For me WRTC means to contribute to something great, to be part of it and enjoythe experience
    DK1DSA Ralf (Volunteer, Hospitality): As a radio amateur in Wittenberg I’m happily looking forward to such a great event in my home region. I am curious about the world’s best contesters andthis veryexciting contest with its field-day characteristics, of which,until now,I have only been able to read about. In 2018 I’ll be volunteerthereas everything can be reached on foot orbicycle.
    DL6RAI - Ben (IT-Manager): Providing IT services before and during WRTC 2018 requires special know how. We are happy to have built a great team that maintains several different web sites, provides 65 logging computers for the online-scoring function and created a custom web-based application to manage data and documents of the 65 different sites. Expectations are high and we are working on meeting them.
    DM5EE - Uli (Volunteer): WRTC 2018 will put the German amateur radio community in the limelight and many friends from all over the world will gather here for the competition. It is a huge event that will present many challenges preparing for it but which will be a lifetime experience that I am anxiously looking forward to.
    DH8BQA - Olli (PR-Team): Wrote few articles on WRTC technical related matters for German HAM magazines cqDL and FUNKAMATEUR. Assisting antenna director every now and then. Wish I had much more time available for WRTC organization. WRTC 2018 will be THE biggest event in German Amateur Radio history, at least from a contesting perspective.

    About WRTC 2018

    The World Radiosport Team Championships (WRTC) are held every four years and assemble more than 60 two-operator-teams of the world’s best radio contesters on a level playing field. Quite different from their usual contesting they must use identical equipment in the same geographical region eliminating all variables except their personal skills. Previous WRTCs were held in Seattle/USA (1990), San Francisco/USA (1996), Slovenia (2000), Finland (2002) Brazil (2006) Russia (2010) and New England/USA (2014).
    Michael Höding, DL6MHW
    Vice-President, Fundraising, PR
    Phone: +49 39201 20779
    E-Mail: dl6mhwatwrtc2018 [dot] de
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  • WRTC Sponsorerede Teams

    Her kan du se en liste over de kvalificerede hold til WRTC-2018 i Tyskland.
    Bemærk at vores finske ven OH6KZP Kim, er teamleder på et af holdene i Europa region #1.

    Er du interesseret i at deltage skal du være hurtig til at sætte et hold (2 mand).
    Der er endnu åbent for tilmeldinger.

    Sponsorerede hold er en lang tradition i WRTC og en væsentlig del af fundraising. Dedikerede contestere, der ikke har kvalificeret sig, får chancen for at deltage i WRTC. Som vi kunne se i WRTC 2014, konkurrerer Sponsorerede Teams på lige fod med kvalificerede hold og flere af dem har opnået top scores.
    Vi har allerede tildelt tre af fem sponsorerede hold men har modtaget flere anmodninger end der er plads til. Derfor fastsættes fristen for anmodninger til den 21 Februar 2017 Kl. 23:59 UTC.
    Efter den uformelle sponsor anmodning og WRTC 2018 kommissionen har modtaget anmodningen, udformes en formel aftale som definerer rammerne. Derefter overfører sponsor et depositum på 15.000 Euro til en klientkonto for at vise alvoren af ​​ansøgningen og sender den formelle ansøgning som afspejler målene i teamet:
    1. Konkurrenceevne
    2. Støtte af amatør radio Contester og ånden i WRTC konkurrence
    3. Forbedring af teknologi og stationsbetjening
    Efter en positiv afgørelse fra WRTC 2018 organisationskomité vil det sponsorerede hold blive informeret og pengene overføres til WRTC 2018 konto. Hvis ansøgningen ikke bliver accepteret vil de 15.000 euro blive tilbageført hurtigst muligt.
    Vigtig bemærkning: Ifølge WRTC 2018 kvalifikations regler vil en DQ (Diskvalificering), i en af ​​de kvalificerende konkurrencer også udelukke operatøren fra et sponsoreret hold.
    Alle ansøgninger skal sendes til contactatwrtc2018 [dot] de

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