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Nær øjeblikkelig 3D-printer / 3D-printing

Nær øjeblikkelig 3D-printer / 3D-printing er tæt på at være en realitet for alle:

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. (2017, December 8). Volumetric 3D printing promises nearly instant builds. ScienceDaily:
Citat: "...
However, by using laser-generated, hologram-like 3D images flashed into photosensitive resin, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, along with collaborators at UC Berkeley, the University of Rochester, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), have discovered they can build complex 3D parts in a fraction of the time of traditional layer-by-layer printing. The novel approach is called "volumetric" 3D printing, and is described in the journal Science Advances, published online on Dec. 8.

Maxim Shusteff, Allison E. M. Browar, Brett E. Kelly, Johannes Henriksson, Todd H. Weisgraber, Robert M. Panas, Nicholas X. Fang, Christopher M. Spadaccini. One-step volumetric additive manufacturing of complex polymer structures. Science Advances, 2017; 3 (12): eaao5496 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aao5496.

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